Evolving Collective Intelligence Evidence Bases
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Evolving Collective Intelligence TOOLS

The opportunities and challenges of the 21st century will require new ways of harnessing and organising collective intelligence. Informed decision making and actions require trust in the evidence base collected. DaMaHub is building tools to allow peers and librarians to create and manged knowledge bases that evolve over time.


Data structure, types, stores and infrastructure is the base layer to any evidence base. DaMaHub builds on existing and the latest peer to peer crypto protocols.


The DaMaHub toolkit provides tools to build and evolve evidence bases, including: indexing, data packaging and rules on what to keep and preserve.


A decentralise autonomous organisation is a new technical governance entity. We are applying these concepts to the governance over the evidence base. This includes voting and standard settings.

Use cases

Examples of evidence based decision making and evolution of collective intelligence

Climate Change

Air quality Read the full usecase.


A library wants to store and make available a new cultural film archive. usecase.

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Join us with a use case or contribute technical skills


DaMaHub is self organising of people and ideas originating from the decentralises technology and librarian communities. We have put on a range of eductaional workshops and events:

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